release ur inner art garfunkel

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hey what if i put a lot of pennies on my pizza fuck how cool would that be i did it put lots of pennies on my pizza im going to take a pic


Dollar Pizza (2013)

©2014 Hunter White

The Velvet Underground - Candy Says




A mural was painted over Monday afternoon after Trenton police expressed concern that the painting, depicting Michael Brown, a Ferguson, Mo., teen who was fatally shot by police in August, sent the wrong message about community and police relations.

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What the what? It better make their asses uncomfortable

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getting ready for school in the morning: sits on my bed without a shirt on for 10 minutes thinking about how much I hate school


U ever wish u were Mysterious but u can’t stop talking about urself


i’m just a fuckboy nobody loves me

he’s just a fuckboy, from a fuckfamily


The best thing I have ever seen. (Video)



Not taking any chances

I scrolled past this and the guilt was too much